A Calling to the Palate

I feel my paintings are little snippets of my life. Each artwork  takes a little piece of my soul and the endless effort that I pour into  every piece. My artwork’s are inspired by the look of nature, it’s  subtle tones and complex shapes. Along with my faith and a strong family  support. These things are what complete the process for me.  I take  refuge in the making of my art work. It's my intention to create for the  viewer a connection to my view of the world. To try to see everyday  objects, people, colors that many just passed bye, without ever really  stopping to absorb it’s natural beauty.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts has been my native home for many wonderful years with my loving wife and family.

The  Cape has long been a breeding ground for all sorts of artists, I've  made use of the airy light on Cape Cod.  Which gives my artworks  an impressionistic sample of light and gracefulness if  I rendered the  painting correctly. In addition to such an influential art community, my formal art education started at the 

Massachusetts School of Art and Design I started learning to render figures and objects from life. 
Later, I continued my education at 

Rhode Island School of Design, studying  Natural  Science Illustration.  Independently, I have joined many workshop’s by  notable art instructors's Bernard Chaet ,John Stobart, Robert Liberace ,  Casey Baugh, Jeremy Lipking and many others. Also lectures and  personally talk's with Jia Lu, Chuck Close, Dennis Hopper, Alex Katz,  Enda Hibel, Polly Starr Thayer and so many other kind and helpful  artist.